Monday, July 4, 2011

New Amethyst Crystal Points Offer Unlimited Design Potential for Jewelers

These should be State side no later than July 14th! You can see more pictures of these beauties here Contact Me if you have interest or questions.

This is the first time we have tried cutting these Amethyst Beauties. These are natural amethyst points from Zambia Africa. this 1st lot is perfect for rings and earrings and they are average 10mm at the base and average 13mm tall base to tip.

These are easy to set as we have cut and polished the base flat and also rounded and polished the base slightly to add a lot of glow! The rounded base makes is easier to bezel set without breaking the crystal.

We will be cutting these points in this size and up to 25 Carat range

Prices may vary slghtly but for the most part these will average $3.50 each

The last picture is Lek at the cutting wheel grinding the base of the crystals, That is a hand crank grinding wheel by the way! It takes some practice as you need to hold the gem with one hand and crank with the other!

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