Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Rose Cut Sapphires Continue in Popularity!

Rose cut Sapphires continue to be one of the most popular items we carry in our Etsy Shop SilverFound we are working on new listings now and will have a lot of new beauties available any day.
We had so many requests for Rose Cut gems this last year and had to really had to step up production in the shop in Thailand. Part of the challenge was to find a source of Gem Rough that is just the right price and shape for this project. We decided this year to focus on Multi Colored Sapphire from Tanzania

Rose cut gems offer our designers a faceted stone that is as easy to set as a cabochon since most of them have a flat Bottom. Rose Cut Sapphires also have an attractive rustic charm to them, looking a bit primitive in their workmanship. These mixed rainbow lots pictured here are by far the most popular and the best thing is these are natural and untreated.